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Returns Policy Explained

If purchases are made and in error or the item is not wanted by the buyer or the buyer changes their mind Keep_Driving will give a refund for the cost of the original purchase but deduct a 15% handling charge against the original purchase to cover re-stocking costs for the returned item.

Keep_Driving will not reimburse return postage costs under these circumstances. It will be the responsibility of the buyer to return the item to us and pay for the cost of the return postage before Keep_Driving reimburses any costs at all.

If Keep_Driving has not supplied the item ordered or the item doesn’t match the item description or the eBay vehicle compatibility listing details, then we will send out a replacement. If this is required urgently it can be sent out by Special Delivery for a guaranteed next day delivery by the latest at 13:00 if the customer so wishes.

If the item is to be returned at the request of Keep_Driving, we will always ask the buyer to pay for the return postage cost which will then be reimbursed via a payment into the buyers paypal account.

Under these circumstances Keep_Driving will fully reimburse the cost of the return postage.

Please note finding the correct vehicle part is not always easy. What is easy though is to order the wrong part if the listing details aren’t scrutinized carefully – we try and include all the relevant details where ever possible but the manufacturers we work for don’t always get it right – we sometimes get it wrong when writing the listing.

The Vehicle Manufacturers themselves sometimes (believe it or not) don’t always know what parts were fitted when the vehicle was built, the third party parts database we use (biggest in Europe) sometimes has conflicting information and so on – what we can promise is to do our best, as quickly as we can, to resolve any issues which may have arisen for whatever reason

So our “Mantra” is this – problems will happen but it’s how they’re dealt with which is important – Thank you for bearing with us on this – we always try to help resolve issues.

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